The services we provide go way beyond just calculating a client’s portfolio performance or making generic recommendations. The relationships we develop with each of our clients allow us to provide a suite of personalized services that will simplify your financial situation and prepare for your future.  

A secure electronic client portal

We will provide you with your own client portal in for both mobile, and computer access with the click of an icon. We will notify you via email and upload all types of documents for you to sign, review, and/or store. You can also load your own personal financial documents.

Quarterly reviews with the investment decision makers

This is where you will speak with the investment team.  This meeting will also include the opportunity to ask and review any tax and estate questions that may arise.

Annual update to your financial plan

Every year we update your financial plan and post it to your electronic client planning portal for review and easy reference. Our planning portal also allows you to view your plan dynamically as market and personal conditions change. Our goal is to always show you exactly where you stand!


As part of our financial planning process, we will help you establish a budget and provide you online access to track it easily going forward.

Account Consolidation

We have the ability to consolidate into your reporting package outside non-managed investment accounts. Imagine being able to see and track everything in one place!

Annual 401(k) review

401(k)’s are taken into consideration in the financial planning process, and if we do not manage this retirement account, we will review and recommend changes as part of our core service annually.

Coordination of annual IRA contributions and required minimum distributions

You no longer have to worry about making an annual IRA contribution or withdrawal. We will take ownership of this task and make sure that it happens!