We deliver a fully-integrated service that includes financial planning, investment management, and tax & estate planning. 

Financial Planning

Financial planning is included in our wealth management package. Many of us have similar goals, whether it be saving for our children’s education or creating a plan for our retirement. Our job is to put you in a position to ensure the highest probability of success in reaching your goals. To achieve this, we work with you to identify all investment possibilities, and then decide on a course of action to maximize potential and minimize risk. We annually update your financial plans, and then send them along using your personal portal for easy access. 

Planning for the long-term also means there will be many unanticipated questions. Here are some other questions we can help you answer along the way…

  • How much life insurance should I have?
  • Is long-term care insurance a good deal?
  • What is the best 529 plan to use for my children?
  • Should I pay down or refinance my mortgage?
  • Is my 401(k) properly invested?
  • Who should I list as my trustee and beneficiaries?
  • What type of IRA account is best for me?
  • When should I take social security?

Investment Management

Investment management is a core service included in our overall wealth management package. Once an investment plan is developed, we build a custom portfolio for you to meet your investment needs. 

We manage the investments using a total return philosophy, which means every portfolio will have both a growth and income component to achieve long-term goals. Investors often overlook the fact, that over the past fifty years, 40 percent of stock returns has come from dividends. We actively manage your portfolio using a variety of asset classes to promote this strategy, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, natural resource and real estate securities. Our investment decisions are based on three to five year time horizons.

We manage both active and passive investment based strategies depending on your situation. Additionally, we build socially responsible investment portfolios for those with interest in sustainable investing.

Tax and Estate Planning

Unlike most investment firms, tax and estate planning is a core service included in our overall wealth management package. The coordination of client tax and estate planning activities is essential to truly service a clients financial needs.  

We provide analyses and review of existing estate planning strategies, consult on charitable gifting strategies, and work to help minimize client taxes across the board. The analysis and review are fully integrated into our regular client quarterly meetings.

Additional Services

The following is a list of additional services that we coordinate with outside professionals and manage based on client needs. These services are not included in our core package. 

  • Tax preparation
  • Estate document preparation
  • Bill pay
  • Concentrated stock management
  • Business succession planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Child education