We build and preserve wealth. Elmwood makes your life easier while maximizing your investment potential. Frequent communication enables  us to create investment plans based on your own unique circumstances.  We deliver an all-inclusive wealth management service, comprised of financial planning, investment management, and tax and estate services. This is carried out by using a combination of in-house expertise and strategic alliances to create a personal experience for every client, regardless of their situation.


For every new Elmwood client, we begin by identifying your goals and translating those goals into a financial plan. Next we move to investment management, where the investment decision-making process takes place. Our philosophy is simple here. We will consider all investment opportunities to help you achieve your financial goals. We are not beholden to a specific investment style and utilize both active and passive investment strategies. Elmwood offers a flexible fee structure in effort to better match your needs and personal circumstances to the services we provide.

We recognize that no two clients are alike and build custom solutions for clients in financial planning, investment management, and our tax and estate services. Who have we helped?

A client who did not have an estate plan.
Solution: We brought an attorney into our office and facilitated the drafting of a living trust and will.

A client who asked when they could retire.
Solution: We created a thorough financial plan with a scenario analysis using different retirement ages.

A client that was considering a career change.
Solution: We helped model various levels of income and the long-term impact of each respective choice.

A client considering downsizing their home.
Solution: We took all available expenses including property taxes, mortgage rates, and tax implications to present a fair comparison.